HEPA Vacuum with a Beater Bar–ConserveIQ Nilfisk RRP Rule HEPA Vacuum Package with Beater Bar

ConserveIQ Nilfisk RRP Rule HEPA Vacuum Package, with Turbo Nozzle Beater Bar, that meets the EPA’s RRP Rule Requirements


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Only $549.00 for a fully-loaded Nilfisk HEPA Vacuum with a Beater Bar and all of the other accessories!

Whether you are a renovation contractor, working on a client’s home or building, or a homeowner who wants to eliminate household dust and allergens from your home, this fully equipped, ever popular ConserveIQ Nilfisk RRP Rule HEPA Vacuum is a canister vacuum cleaner designed for solid performance in abusive environments.  Its tremendous suction power, an amazing 92″ of lift, and durable construction make it a reliable choice for demanding applications, such as lead paint renovations, or even mold, lead, or asbestos remediation.  A superior filtration system, including a standard HEPA filter, with 1890 square inches of filter area, ensures a safer and cleaner work environment.

Some Key Features of the ConserveIQ Customized Nilfisk RRP Rule HEPA Vacuum Package, with Turbo Nozzle Beater Bar:

• A multi-stage filtration system features a paper bag, foam filter, and an upstream HEPA filter, helping to ensure indoor air quality

• The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles down to and including 0.3 microns

• Large wheel, caster, low profile and convenient carrying handle make it exceptionally easy to use, even on uneven surfaces

• Sturdy steel container enables it to withstand heavy duty use

• Quick and simple access to internal parts for easy servicing

• Quiet operation, only 53 dB

• Exceeds the EPA’s standards and requirements for the RRP Rule

• This vacuum can be used in conjunction with vacuum-assisted power tools to collect hazardous lead debris at the source.

• Turbo Nozzle equipped with a Beater Bar for dislodging dust in carpets per the EPA’s RRP Rule

• Optional Extra Set of 10 Standard Bags

Standard accessories include:

6′ hose assembly with bent wand, telescopic wand, 12″ combination floor nozzle, crevice tool, combination round dust brush/upholstery tool, and paper dust bag

About the Author
Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, CR, CDST, provides Consulting Services as well as the most accurate, effective, and memorable Certified Renovator Training and Certified Dust Sampling Technician Training available. ConserveIQ is partnering with the National Center for Healthy Housing, an EPA-accredited training provider, to present Certified Renovator and Certified Dust Sampling Technician training Nationwide. Scott is a Principal Instructor for NCHH, a Certified Renovator, a Certified Dust Sampling Technician, a Certified Graduate Associate, and a Certified Green Professional. He is also a member of the NAHB Society of Honored Associates, the Faculty of the NAHB University of Housing, the Boards of Directors for the National Association of Home Builders and the Texas Association of Builders, as well as many other boards, councils, and committees at the national, state, and local levels. You can contact him at svongonten@conserveiq.com or (713) 213-1205. Take the "ConserveIQ Quiz" at www.ConserveIQ.com.