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ConserveIQ is your best source for quality training that will help you, personally, as well as your business. All of ConserveIQ’s Training is offered to you in a way that will enable you to TRULY LEARN the information.

The ConserveIQ Training is presented in a professional, energetic, positive format, where the instructors communicate directly with you so that you will stay focused and attentive throughout the training. ConserveIQ Instructors are specially trained to use numerous memory triggers to allow you to register your new knowledge into your long-term memory—that’s where you can use it later, when you need it!

In the past, you may have experienced many other trainers who bored you to tears by sitting all day, by reading from the presentation slides or training manuals, by ignoring you, or by being completely unprofessional. Well, get ready for something completely different! ConserveIQ Trainers have PERSONALITY! YOU WILL BE SURPRISED how much you will enjoy the professional ConserveIQ Training! ConserveIQ Training will exceed your expectations about what training should be!

EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule Lead-Based Paint Training Classes:

“Certified Renovator Training Initial*”

This training allows you to comply with the EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, which regulates Lead-Based Paint Renovations. When you successfully complete this EPA-accredited 8-Hour Initial Training Course in Lead-Safe Work Practices, you will earn a 5-year Certification as a Certified Renovator.

“Certified Renovator Training Refresher*”

This training allows Certified Renovators to refresh their training before their 5-year Initial Certification expires. When you successfully complete this EPA-accredited 4-Hour Refresher Training Course in Lead-Safe Work Practices, you will “renew” your Certified Renovator Status. (If you allow your Initial Certification to expire before you have successfully completed the “Refresher” training, the EPA requires you to take the 8-Hour Initial Training again.)

If you have successfully completed an accredited abatement worker or supervisor course, or if you have successfully completed an EPA, HUD, or EPA/HUD model renovation training course, you may take an accredited “Refresher” renovator training course in lieu of the initial renovator training course to become a Certified Renovator.

“Certified Dust Sampling Technician Training Initial*”

This training allows the certified individual to perform dust clearance sampling as specified in the EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

*ConserveIQ is partnering with the National Center for Healthy Housing, an EPA-accredited training provider, to present Certified Renovator and Certified Dust Sampling Technician classes.

Lead Paint Inspections, Risk Assessments, and Clearance Examinations:

Lead Paint Inspections**

Whether you are a Certified Renovator, Lead Abatement Contractor, Property Owner or Manager, Homeowner, or anyone else who needs the certainty of a Licensed Lead Inspector’s analysis and report showing if target housing or a child-occupied facility contains lead-based paint, Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, LLRA, CR, CDST, is your best choice for Lead Paint Inspections.

In addition to serving the building industry since 1987, the Scott is extremely familiar with the demands of the industry and will focus on thoroughly inspecting for Lead-Based Paint, either with an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer or with Paint Chip Sampling, and processing the analysis, in a timely manner, to give you the appropriate information you need.

Risk Assessments**

Sometimes, in target housing or a child-occupied facility, you may need a Risk Assessment, an on-site investigation to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards, along with a written report explaining the results of the investigation and options for reducing lead-based paint hazards. Many times, a Risk Assessment is required by certain regulations. If this need arises, please call Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, LLRA, CR, CDST, for proper and thorough Risk Assessments.

Clearance Examinations**

If you are a Certified Renovator or a Lead Abatement Contractor who wants or needs the certainty of a third-party Clearance Examination following your cleanup procedures, please call Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, LLRA, CR, CDST, for a professional and timely Clearance Examination.

RRP Rule Products and Consulting:

Certified Renovator Products

ConserveIQ offers you a wide selection of products that make your renovation work easier. You can find your EPA-recognized Lead Test Kits, your customized ConserveIQ Nilfisk RRP Rule HEPA Vacuum Package complete with beater bar, your Personal Protection Equipment, your Renovate Right pamphlets, Complete Document Packages, and a variety of other products that make your containment work more convenient. ConserveIQ is your one-stop shop for RRP Rule supplies. How convenient is that?


When you have a question about the EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, please feel free to call ConserveIQ. The RRP Rule is very detailed and can be very confusing. ConserveIQ can clarify the information for you in a way that will be easily understandable. The ConserveIQ staff cares about you and wants you to fully understand the RRP Rule so that you can properly comply with the regulations and stay out of trouble. It is with this earnest desire to help others that we conduct our business.

**Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, LLRA, CR, CDST, is a Licensed Lead Risk Assessor by the Texas Department of State Health Services under License # 2070926.

ConserveIQ Professional Business Training:

“Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking–The Art of Becoming Confident, Comfortable, and Persuasive”

Why do people fear public speaking? Most people fear public speaking more than death…but why? With the right techniques, you can overcome your fear of public speaking and create more success for yourself with persuasive, powerful, presentations. Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, LLRA, CR, CDST, NAHB Society of Honored Associates, is an award-winning public speaker who has been very active in public presentations for over 20 years. Scott is a nationwide instructor for NCHH and is on the faculty for the NAHB University of Housing. His highly refined public speaking techniques, honed over thousands of presentations, will make you more effective and persuasive in both small and large groups. Your presentation is an effective communication only if your audience “receives” your message. Scott will help you shape your presentation style in a way that creates success for you. Picture yourself being completely comfortable in front of a large audience and being able to make your presentation effectively and persuasively. That will earn you the respect that you deserve. You can do it! Scott will show you how.

Do you get nervous if you have to speak in front of a large group of people? Do you get “butterflies” in your stomach? Do you feel that you might say something embarrassing? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel that every time you have to speak in front of others, you may make a mistake or forget something? Do you ever feel that you wasted your sponsorship dollars by not getting the value out of your speaking opportunity? Scott can help you overcome these issues. At the end of this session, you will learn many easy-to-implement public speaking techniques that will make you much more confident, cool, calm, and collected during presentations. This ease of public speaking will create for you more persuasiveness, respect, admiration, effectiveness, and increased sales!

You will learn the most effective presentation skills and unique ideas to relax yourself before and during a public presentation. You will practice these techniques during the session so you will become more comfortable with them. You will leave the session with a wealth of public speaking information that you will want to begin implementing later that day! You will want to try the techniques immediately.

You will learn how to avoid many common public speaking mistakes that would make your audience stop listening to you. Too often, people fail to transmit their messages because their potential audience is distracted by both visual and verbal errors. By avoiding these pitfalls, your audience will be receptive to your message, will hear and understand what you are saying, and will want to do business with you. Scott will help you present in a way that will make you more successful.

You will learn the Keys to a Successful 5-Minute Presentation. You have certainly seen well-intentioned salespeople spend several hundred dollars to sponsor an event and, during the 5-Minute Presentation they have purchased, waste all of that money with a 30- to 40-second talk about, “How much they appreciate the opportunity to sponsor the meeting.” Never let that happen to you. At this session, you will learn how to successfully create and present an organized, persuasive 5-Minute Presentation that people will remember. That’s what it is all about…creating a positive memory that brings long-term “value” to your sponsorship dollars!

What do you do for a living? What value do you offer your customers? How do you tell others what you do? When you are at a Networking Event, do you have a “TSP?” A “TSP” is a 30-Second Presentation that will make your potential customers say, “That’s interesting. Tell me more!” Too often, at such events, people just “wing it” with some ad lib comment or come across too abrasively. To be successful, you must be able to summarize what you do in a 30-Second Presentation. This short talk must be something you refine, commit to memory, and practice enough so that it just “rolls off of your tongue” in a very comfortable way. During this session, Scott will have you create your 30-Second Presentation. You will leave the session ready to present your “TSP” and make people say, “That’s interesting. Tell me more!”

Call ConserveIQ to set up this training seminar for your company. By taking “Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking,” regardless of your industry, your team members will become more effective and more confident, whether they are presenting to clients or other groups within your company. You will notice immediate results!

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