HEPA Vacuum Bags–ConserveIQ Nilfisk 10-Pack of Standard HEPA Vacuum Bags

ConserveIQ Nilfisk 10-Pack of Standard HEPA Vacuum Bags

Only $23.62 for a 10-Pack Set!

Each Standard HEPA Vacuum Bag has a dust capacity of 4 gallons.  Please follow the recommended guidelines for changing the bags.  For more information, please call (713) 213-1205.

About the Author
Scott von Gonten, CGA, CGP, CR, CDST, provides Consulting Services as well as the most accurate, effective, and memorable Certified Renovator Training and Certified Dust Sampling Technician Training available. ConserveIQ is partnering with the National Center for Healthy Housing, an EPA-accredited training provider, to present Certified Renovator and Certified Dust Sampling Technician training Nationwide. Scott is a Principal Instructor for NCHH, a Certified Renovator, a Certified Dust Sampling Technician, a Certified Graduate Associate, and a Certified Green Professional. He is also a member of the NAHB Society of Honored Associates, the Faculty of the NAHB University of Housing, the Boards of Directors for the National Association of Home Builders and the Texas Association of Builders, as well as many other boards, councils, and committees at the national, state, and local levels. You can contact him at svongonten@conserveiq.com or (713) 213-1205. Take the "ConserveIQ Quiz" at www.ConserveIQ.com.